..with its core focus on motivation, respect,.. self-esteem..responsibility and community..The unique potential of this project to create wide and lasting social change is very apparent..

Caroline S. (Sexual Health Outreach Team)


LLG lends itself to where the needs of the children are, because it is adult guided rather than adult led so that they learn effortlessly. Our older pupils have become more confident, more pro-active and sharing, reflective, evaluative of their own experience, their family and community. They are ready to do something positive willingly…. the Year 7’s are very keen and ask me every week about the programme. Unlike other mentoring interventions in the school where we have to chase after the children, this one is different…pupils are totally engaged and for me it’s the quality that matters not numbers

Rev Ashford- Okai (Assistant Head –Teacher)

...the impact and success of the programme was outstanding    

Julian B. (Pre 16’s Co-ordinator in Further Education College)

excellent partnership between the school and..loveLife ..led to a successful programme for parents and their children…exciting and powerful series of workshops..beneficial to the school and community, bringing the two closer together

Mr R. Bansal (Deputy Head of secondary school)