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Flourishing Fitness

Flourishing Fitness, part of loveLife Generation was created to encourage and help young girls to get fit! The idea was created by Salma, a loveLife Generationer- Looking at statistics, it was shown that only 38% of girls did moderate amount of exercise compared to 68% of boys. But this was about to change. Flourishing Fitness…

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LLG finally get their residential

Double LL – G as they like to refer to themselves have been involved with loveLife Generation for over two years now. The majority of them started their journey in Year 9 when they took part in the ‘Take Back The Future’ training programme. They enjoyed it so much they voluntarily continued to attend, build…

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Kingford Take Back The Future

loveLife Generation were back at Kingsford School in Beckton – this time with the Year 10s. This group have self confessed that the rest of the school did not necessarily have the best perception of them…BUT that was about to change. How you see yourself determines how others see you and as loveLife Generation started…

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