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We were fortunate enough to have a 4 loveLife Generation youngsters visit Atlanta over the summer where they took part in Usher’s New Look Foundation’s youth¬†conference. They mingled with young leaders from all over the world, learnt from each other and shared their experiences. Some of the young people showcased some of their spoken word…

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Village in the City – How well do you know Hallywell?

Village in the City Back in the days, we are told, people on a street spoke to each other, helped each other and felt far safer than they seem to do now. Hallywell Crescent in Beckton E6 used to be such a street so said residents who had lived here for some time but no…

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Inspire, Involve, Motivate

We have certainly been Involving, Inspiring and Motivating in our new project where we have been working on one street where every Sunday residents have been coming together and working together! More updates to come as we are exhausted from an great day on the street today where dustbins turned into pieces if art!!

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