loveLife Generation


A charity working with young people from diverse / disadvantaged communities.

Our Mission is to Involve, Inspire and Motivate young people to “Be the Change you want to see” (Gandhi)

Our Vision is to become an international family of young leaders who live the change they want to see, enabling others to blaze their own path to success and a better world.



The unexpected… we change ourselves to change our world

- We challenge and reduce anti-social/risky behaviour associated with the cycle of poverty and deprivation.
- We increase our life-chances and opportunities
- We nurture leadership, life-skills and growth to change our world




Developing leadership, life-skills and growth based on:

- attitude brimming with self belief, a sense of justice and purpose.
- an open mind, a creative spirit and trust in our common humanity
- friendship, respect and value for different cultures, beliefs and the environment
- words and actions which inspire, involve and motivate people to ‘be the change’ they want to see in the world.


LLG is unique, in:

– being adaptable for universal and targeted provision
– applying training in practice to make a difference
– providing volunteering and qualifications for future progress

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'Be the change you want to see'



loveLife Generation

– develops the Attitude, Aspiration, Action and Achievement needed to succeed in education, employment and inter-personal relationships.

– builds Confidence, Character, Competence, Connection and Contribution to society, thus meeting their need to belong, contribute, achieve and feel valued in their community

Train with loveLife Generation


We provide leadership and life skill training with accreditation and volunteering opportunities designed to meet the expressed needs of participants or organisations.
Act with loveLife Generation


We deliver social action projects to apply training in practice enabling participants to empower themselves and take charge of their future.
Connect with loveLife Generation


We connect the local to the global through our international and partnership initiatives to build our world-wide family of young leaders.
Change with loveLife Generation


We change our world by changing ourselves and helping others to do the same.

Our work is informed by the theory of Positive Youth Development (PYD), which emphasises the strengths, resources and potential of young people to contribute positively to society rather than trying to change a deficit model of behaviour. PYD is also supported by research “….skills such as self-efficacy, motivation, and meta-cognitive strategies appear to be influential in improving academic learning and success in children and young people”. (Cabinet Office Report Nov 2013)

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'Be the change you want to see'